The Pandemic Pause

“Reset…Rethink…Redefine”  Little did I know when selecting this tagline to further define my business of helping older adults plan for their next life chapters, that these three words would ring so relevant and true in the aftermath of a global health pandemic!

No one alive today has ever experienced something like this…a virus-induced Pause Button…a forced change in the way we have grown accustomed to living.  The pause we have felt from losing so many lives to Covid-19 has been tragic and sobering, yet it has reminded us of the importance of perspective, that life is precious and offers no promise for tomorrow. 

For those safe at home, this quarantine has also provided an opportunity for another kind of pause – extraordinary downtime to personally reflect on where we are in our own lives.

Prior to this pandemic, who would have thought that what we were envisioning or planning for our late life chapters would be put on pause, and require yet another round of reflection, consideration and introspective analysis?

Truth is…we would never have planned for this period of history to be part of our stories.  It happened very much outside of anyone’s control.  Nonetheless, several months in quarantine can do wonders for re-evaluating one’s priorities, goals, desires, bucket list, and legacy.

Yes, this pandemic pause has created various ripple effects on our lives.  The media reminds us of the pandemic’s negative effects in loss of lives, loss of jobs and economic strain. However, we can only rely on ourselves, as individuals, to take advantage of the positive effects of this pandemic in (re)directing our own next steps and life direction.

I recently celebrated yet another birthday, although I remember my 18th Birthday like it was yesterday.  As the saying goes, “The days are long, but the years are short”.  We’ve lived long enough to know it’s true!

Right now, my wish for all older adults is to consider the positive impact of this Pandemic Pause by embracing this time and opportunity to reset, rethink, and redefine what is truly purposeful for you. 

Tomorrow will be a new chapter in your life story…make it a meaningful one! 


Kerry Thomas
Aging Strategist & Coach
AgeSmart Strategies, LLC


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