About AgeSmart Strategies

We are living in an era of longevity – a period in history which has created both opportunities and challenges that those of previous generations did not fully experience. The ripple effect of longevity is far-reaching and has changed the landscape of how people age. In previous generations, lives were structured in three main chapters:  (1) education; (2) work/career; (3) retirement. However, the longevity factor of today has stretched our lives to include, yet another chapter in our life stories!  This typically occurs in mid-late life after work/parenting chapters or during the transition to retirement.

So, it’s True!  50 really is the new 40…60 really is the new 50…and 70 really is the new 60!  It would seem logical to think that this additional chapter of time would feel like a gift. In reality however, this season of Middlescense can create some of the same confusion and uncertainty experienced during the season of Adolescence.  It is during these seasons of change and transition when one may experience feelings of being lost, stuck, less confident, restless, and floating somewhere in an undefined place. The struggle to understand the grand scheme and the bigger picture of our lives is real during this time.

Those things that created meaning and purpose for our lives at younger ages in earlier life chapters are no longer relevant…children are raised, friends have moved, careers have peaked.

Sounds bleak, but it doesn’t have to be!


Kerry Thomas

Aging Strategist & Coach

Kerry Thomas is a Gerontologist who coaches people in mid-late life on how to create and sustain meaningful and purposeful next chapters. Similar to adolescence, Kerry believes this period of Middlescence”  is often a season of change and transition, creating feelings of being stuck, lost, uncertain, and/or restless. These feelings often come with retirement, or the desire for an ‘encore’ career, vocation, or meaningful volunteer work in life’s second half. Kerry is passionate about helping people gain clarity and purpose during this season of life by turning their core values and interests into an achievable and purposeful road map.

Kerry’s two-part training has prepared her to help people rethink and reimagine their lives. A Master’s degree in Gerontology has equipped her with a background of understanding the psychology of positive aging through resilience, reinvention and redefining meaning and purpose.  Certifications in Presence-Based Coaching and Purpose Coaching has prepared Kerry to work with individuals and groups by utilizing a series of thought-provoking and clarifying assessment tools and techniques.

Additionally, Kerry has focused much of her gerontological research on the impact that an Aging Workforce will have on U.S. business and older workers in coming years. 10,000 people turn 65 every day and many are working past the traditional retirement age, either by choice or need. Relative to this topic, she has served as a guest lecturer at Georgia State University and as a speaker for the Southern Gerontological Society and the International Council on Active Aging.

Kerry holds a Master of Art degree in Gerontology from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She resides with her husband, Joe, in Atlanta, Georgia and has two grown children. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, yoga and her role as a hospice volunteer writing end of life stories on behalf of patients and their families.



“Going through the AgeSmart coaching program really opened my eyes to what was truly important to me. I went from feeling stuck and somewhat discouraged in my career, to having a clear action plan on how to move forward. Kerry’s authentic coaching style made me feel very comfortable right away.  I truly felt that she heard me and understood my challenges. She encouraged me to consider new ideas and perspectives. Kerry’s coaching techniques and educational tools helped me find and embrace my true passion. I am now finding success in the right career niche for me, in the next chapter of my life.”   

– Robin N.